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Steingraeber-Phoenix 130 Upright, NEW – £25,800

The Steingraeber-Phoenix Model 130 is an opportunity to own an ultimate-performance upright piano. 

With its SFM action, climate-resistant carbon fibre soundboard, and patented Phoenix agraffe bridge system, pianists can enjoy a keyboard interface that responds much like a grand, with fast repetition and superb control. 

The sound is rich and uniquely sustaining, with a terrific sparkle in the upper registers.

Loved by recording studios and discerning pianists alike.

Oliver Poole demonstrating the Phoenix 130 upright

Phoenix Model 170 Grand, ex-demonstration – £35,000

Offered in excellent ex-demonstration condition, a chance to own a stunning Phoenix Model 170 for a highly attractive price (normally £50,000).

With its climate-resistant carbon fibre soundboard, WNG action, patented Phoenix bridge agraffes in the lower registers, and special CNC carbon fibre bridge caps in the upper registers, this piano represents the pinnacle of modern piano engineering and innovation.

With the sound projection and tonal richness of a larger instrument, Phoenix Model 170 is a natural choice for those seeking a professional grand piano, but where space is limited.

NOTE: we have several of this model currently available; finish styles vary – please enquire.


Bluthner-Phoenix 190, fully restored – £18,900

A fully restrored Bluthner dating from 1902, serial number 41722.

This ruggedly designed Bluthner grand piano combines the elegance of its year with the benefit of our bespoke Phoenix technology, having been rebuilt with the inclusion of a climate-resistant carbon fibre soundboard, new carbon fibre/composite WNG action and patented Phoenix bridge agraffes.

A visually stunning instrument with superb acoustic performance, we highly recommend inspection in person.

Phoenix 212 Grand, NEW – £60,000

A very fine 7ft instrument, the size favoured by professional and discerning pianists seeking an instrument that places no interpretive constraints.  

This instrument would also suit recording studios, music academies and smaller venues, where a full-size concert grand might be impractical.

By using carbon firbre soundboards in place of timber – a variable living material – Phoenix tend to encounter less variability in the acoustic performance of their pianos.

Finely balanced across the registers, this Model 212 has an impressive dynamic range.

Phoenix 232 Grand, COMING SOON

We have 3 Phoenix Model 232 grand pianos on offer.

Featuring our patented bridge agraffes in the bass and tenor registers, carbon fibre soundboard, carbon fibre bridge caps, and ultra high-tech D3D action, Model 232 is the second largest instrument in the Phoenix range, and can be considered a concert grand piano.

Not only an fine solo instrument, Model 232 is also ideal for accompaniment in chamber music recitals.

Anton Lyakhovsky playing Phoenix Model 232

Steingraeber-Phoenix 272 Concert Grand “Stunning Blonde”, ex-demonstration – £95,000

One of a matched pair of “Stunning Blonde” Steingraeber-Phoenix flagship concert pianos in natural Santos rosewood, this instrument represents ultimate build quality, stunning looks, and breathtaking acoustic performance.

The Stunning Blonde also has the advantage of the unique hydraulically operated half blow feature combined with the una-corda pedal. This allows accurate and safe playing at pianissimo with the resulting extended range of tonal colours.  Very few grand pianos have the half-blow facility and this the only system which combines both the una-corda and half-blow in this way.

This special instrument won the Bavarian state prize for Innovation in the Arts for its featured Phoenix agraffe bridge technologies.  It is an absolute joy to play, and gives pianists a wonderful sense of interpretive possibility and keyboard security.

The other piano in the matched pair is now sold, making this piano likely the last ever of its kind.

Anton Lyakhovsky demonstrating the Stunning Blonde Steingraeber-Phoenix 272

Steingraeber 122 Upright, NEW – £POA

New Steingraeber Model 122 upright. 

Steingraeber say, “Our 122 upright is a classic with an extraordinarily full sound. This is due to its special design which includes an additional, sympathetically-vibrating soundboard that delivers an extra ‘boost’ for attacks at forte level and above.”

With its SFM action, pianists can enjoy a keyboard interface that responds much like a grand piano’s, with fast repetition and superb control. 

A stunning upright to satisfy pianists seeking an ultimate quality instrument with a smaller profile.

Steingraeber 130 Upright, NEW – £POA

New Steingraeber Model 130 upright. 

Steingraeber say, “The 130 has been our most successful upright for ninety years. In music academies and universities alike it replaces the grand piano. It is mechanically superior to mass-produced studio grand pianos, and it has a markedly fuller sound.”

With its SFM action, pianists can enjoy a keyboard interface that responds much like a grand piano’s, with fast repetition and superb control. 

A beautifully rich sounding and satisfying upright for pianists who require the sense of playing a grand piano, but with limited available space.  

Steingraeber 138 Upright, NEW – £POA

The Steingraeber Model 138 is the largest of their upright range.  Although the footprint is similar to the smaller uprights, the extra height affords a scale design that produces a generosity of sound in the bass registers normally found in 6ft (180cm) grand pianos.

With its SFM action, pianists can enjoy a keyboard interface that responds much like a grand piano’s, with fast repetition and superb control. 

We at Phoenix are big fans of this model!

Steingraeber B192, NEW – £POA

Steingraeber say, “In honour of the 2011 Liszt Anniversary, Steingraeber unveiled the ‘little brother’ of our C-212 chamber music grand during the Bayreuth Festival summer season.

Its powerfully rich tone comes mainly from very long bass strings on a similar scale to those of a chamber music concert grand.  The designs of the C-212 and B-192 are so closely related that the two pianos have identical actions.

This grand piano will bring you unforgettable musical experiences at home and turn your parlour into a concert hall.  Even professionals will discover a suitable partner in the B-192.  Its use at the University of Music in Trossingen is just one example among many.”

A very fine Steingraeber grand for those seeking a piano in the 6ft size range.

Steingraeber C212, NEW – £POA

Steingraeber say, “The C-212 was introduced at the beginning of 2009 and is a direct descendant of the 1873 Steingraeber Liszt Grand Piano Model 205. We have recently adapted it to the dynamic requirements of the 21st century. However we have also preserved the chamber-music appeal of the 205, which, for 140 years, has captivated pianists from Franz Liszt and Richard Strauß to Daniel Barenboim.

Due to its precisely-differentiated characteristics, rich sound spectrum and even registers, the C-212 is frequently used for song recitals, chamber music, New Music concerts, and, needless to say, at universities of music (for example Hannover, Helsinki, Lucerne and Paris).”

At 7ft, we sense this model to be perhaps the most beautifully balanced Steingraeber grand piano of them all.

Feurich 162 – DYNAMIC 1, NEW – £10,650

The Model 162 – Dynamic I is one of the few examples available today of a small and solidly built grand piano that can deliver a quality and complete bass tonal range. The introduction of stainless Paulello string wire is an innovation that also improves the tone and longevity of the piano.  An instrument of exceptional dynamic range and clarity for its size, the 162 – Dynamic I is perfect for the accompanist or repetiteur, and is also perfectly suited to small homes or apartments.

  • only 162cm in length – perfect for small spaces
  • large bass for a small grand
  • clean and pure tone throughout the entire range
  • climate-resistant multi-laminated pinblock
  • rust-free Paulello string wire
  • new FEURICH piano action for fast and precise touch
Feurich 179 – DYNAMIC II, NEW – £12,650

The model 179 is a powerful, well-balanced grand piano, with a characteristic warm and generous FEURICH tone.  The piano has an extended soundboard surface area, which helps create that big sound and present bass.  Rust-free strings improve the tone and increase the longevity of the instrument, and the redesigned frame make this instrument even superior to its predecessor, the Model 178, winner of the prestigious Diapason award for the best piano under 30,000 Euro.

  • extended soundboard surface area
  • exceptionally large and consistent tone
  • new FEURICH action for fast and precise touch
  • climate-resistant multi-laminated pinblock
  • Paulello rust-free string wire
  • integrated anti-glare LED lamp (on black and white models only)

The 179 – Dynamic II provides an outstanding sound performance for a medium-size grand piano, and has proven itself in many conservatories and small concert halls around the world.

Feurich 115 – PREMIERE, NEW – £3,740

The most compact upright in the FEURICH range of pianos – with an elegant Bauhaus design, this instrument is perfect for modern city living, where space is at a premium.  Thanks to some creative piano design features, the FEURICH 115 – Premiere manages to get a larger-than-life sound from an instrument of this size.

  • designed by renowed German piano builder Rolf Ibach
  • extremely balanced sound for a small instrument
  • unique FEURICH action design – no plastic components
  • stylish Bauhaus design
  • celeste pedal for quiet playing mode – perfect for sensitive neighbours!

The Model 115 – Premiere has been through a rigorous process of improvement and redevelopment to result in the quality instrument we have today.

Feurich 122 – UNIVERSAL, NEW – £4,560

The FEURICH 122 – Universal is the most successful in the FEURICH range of pianos, picking up the Gold Medal twice for the “best upright on the market” in a blindfold test by the influential French magazine Diapason.  Its popularity is owed to its robust and durable construction, coupled with an exceptional depth of sound for an instrument of this size.  The new FEURICH action allows a delicate pianissimo all the way up to the most impressive of fortissimos.

  • incredible tone across the entire range
  • much loved, and best-selling upright in homes & schools worldwide
  • durable & robust construction
  • highest quality spruce soundboard with an additional special lamination for great sound & climatic stability
  • FEURICH designed action & keyboard – no plastic components
  • quality Australian wool felt for the hammerheads
  • exceptional dynamic range
  • celeste pedal for quiet playing mode – perfect for sensitive neighbours!

The 122 – Universal has been constantly improved and redeveloped over more than a decade, based on feedback from our many partners worldwide.

Steinway Model O Grand Piano, immaculate used condition – £22,500 (was £25,000)

Offered in beautiful condition throughout, a Steinway Model O Piano, undoubtedly their best small grand.

The instrument is acoustically rich and sustaining, and will grace any home.

This is a private sale; proceeds will be used to rebuild a church.  Free mainland UK delivery is offered, as well as a first servicing / tuning.

Please enquire with us to come and see the piano.