Phoenix Presents The New "Phoenix-Opus" Concert Grand Piano

Phoenix Presents The New “Phoenix-Opus” Concert Grand Piano

On August 7th 2017, Phoenix delivered a new 9′ concert grand piano to the Opus Theatre in Hastings.

The beautiful instrument was custom built to the theatre’s exact specifications and finish. It is constructed using the latest Phoenix technology including our fantastic carbon-fibre soundboard, fitted to a 1925 Blüthner Style XI acoustic body (widely considered as one of the very best acoustic bodies in existence). It has a WNG carbon fibre/composite action, and our world-famous Phoenix bridge technology. This makes the ‘Phoenix Opus’ not only an extraordinarily beautiful instrument, but an instrument with the biggest carbon-fiber soundboard in the United Kingdom as well as and one of the most technologically advanced acoustic pianos on the planet.

To celebrate the arrival of their new piano, the Opus Theatre will be holding a day of concerts on September 9th 2017. To find out more and to book tickets, click here.

Photo Credit: Justin Lycett.