Chosen for the Royal Wedding

Phoenix Piano for the Royal Wedding

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge married Kate Middleton on 29th April 2011.

On the evening of 28th April as part of the celebrations, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh gave a reception for Foreign Royalty and Heads of State who were attending the wedding.

For this reception a special piano was required. Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios was asked to supply a British, Phoenix instrument of medium size and exceptional performance but with notable appearance.

A fine traditional style Phoenix C 205 (now resized as the C 212) with burl walnut fascia and burl walnut trimmings was selected by the pianist and duly installed on a stage in the reception room. The image shows the piano in place.

The piano, by then allocated the special number “ 001 “was subsequently fitted with an engraved plaque identifying its prestigious first use. It was shortly afterwards bought by a Chinese organisation and is now in Shanghai where it is used for display purposes and on special occasions.