We began production of Phoenix in 2008 after winning first prize in the Bayerische innovation in the Arts competition for a Phoenix concert grand piano. The Phoenix acoustic body manufacture as well as the scaling design are by Steingraeber and the same as Steingraeber use in their own range of pianos.  The acoustic body is warranted by Steingraeber

Phoenix Pianos incorporate all the innovations of our many years of piano technology development except that of our lightweight carbon fibre frame and case, which is offered only in our special production   “Carbiano” A 170, the world’s first almost entirely carbon fibre piano, which was first exhibited in Cremona, Paris and Birmingham in 2012.

Since their commercial  launch in 2008 our patented carbon fibre soundboards have been copied by others but not yet put into commercial production. Every detail of Phoenix Pianos is created using the finest materials and parts available worldwide. These include:

  • (German) Abel, Special  premium  grade felt hammers.
  • An option of either (British) EKA stainless steel or copper wound bass strings with (German) Roslau steel strings.
  • (American)  WNG glass and carbon fibre humidity tolerant extra low friction action – or for those who prefer traditional items,(German) Renner wooden action.
  • (British) Retrac Carbon fibre soundboard, or for the tradition lover, Steingraeber’s own wooden soundboard, slightly thinned.
  • (British) Retrac carbon fibre or wooden CAD machined ultra-high accuracy carved bridge or optionally a conventional wooden bridge.
  • (British made) beryllium copper Phoenix bridge agraffes  or, for those who choose a carbon fibre bridge, the option of traditional pin bridge or modified pin geometry to eliminate string loading on the soundboard.
  • (from Poland) Solid modern or hand-made fretwork music desk.
  • Traditional classical leg and lyre design with octagonal section legs or modern design with rectangular section  legs, client’s signature or coat of arms in marquetry,  brass or gold inlay on the lid, gold leaf finish on the frame. All the former options except the gold items are at no extra cost.
  • We offer about 100 different wood veneers or combination of veneers including 2000 year old Huon pine, at a premium of 10% to 15%.
  • Finish can be satin, high gloss polyester, or old-fashioned French polish.
  • We will design and supply  to clients’ styling  ideas, subject to changes not impacting of the acoustic performance of our pianos.
  • The (German made) keyboard is by Laukhuff and keys are offered with ivorine, tharan , modern ceramic high grip key tops, mammoth tusk ivory or any other type of key top preferred by the client… except new elephant ivory. We can transfer elephant ivory from scrap old pianos if it can be found on the market with valid CITES certificate. ( Caution:-  forged certificates are in wide distribution.)
  • Each piano is supplied with a matching adjustable concert stool with calf leather buttoned top.

The SE2 Self-Play System

The Phoenix- Carbiano and Phoenix piano A 170, that are built with major content and components in carbon fibre, can be supplied with the “SE2” system developed in cooperation with Stahnke from his original SE (Stahnke Electronic ) recording and reproducing piano.
SE2 comprises updating of SE with modern compact hardware, new and more rugged components and extended facility software. All the critical design features that have established Stahnke’s reproducing SE pianos as the world leader have been retained.

The SE system was first introduced commercially by Bosendorfer some 40 years ago. It was expensive and, in consequence, only some 35 pianos were ever built. Stahnke was not deeply involved in the application of his ideas to these pianos and in consequence shortcomings were introduced that cost money to correct.

One of these pianos was bought by Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios (owners of Phoenix Piano Systems). It was remodelled and rebuilt with both hardware and software upgrades. We believe that with this attention, and In this form, SE has never yet been surpassed for authenticity of reproduction although later simplified versions meet the demands of most users more cheaply.

We have decided to associate Phoenix only with the SE2 system because we believe it is unsurpassed for performance.

At Hurstwood Farm our SE can now be heard with Rachmaninoff “playing” his own concerti on a real piano with orchestral sound accompaniment recreated from the original performance on speakers.

C212_Strings-22-Exposure C212_Strings-14-Exposure E 272 strings 9-Exposure5i