Carbon Fibre Actions

Wessel, Nickel and Gross manufacture precision-built carbon fibre hammer shanks and carbon composite actions. Unlike wooden designs, which vary from one component to the next, the materials used by WNG allow for supreme consistency of build.

All parts are humidity and climate resistant, and are therefore exceptionally stable. This dramatically reduces the need for regulation. Our instruments remain at the peak of performance for longer. WNG carbon fibre hammer shanks are actually hollow cylinders.

They are not only lighter, but far more rigid than traditional wooden shanks, ensuring more efficient energy transfer from the pianist’s fingers into the motion of the hammers. They give precision of strike point: unlike conventional wooden shank actions, even in fortissimo playing the hammer never wobbles or deflects enough to miss one of the three strings, or strike away from the optimum location.

Pianists readily sense the responsiveness, finding they can accurately access all parts of the dynamic range required for expressive and confident performance, with reduced fatigue. WNG actions perfectly complement the Phoenix vision for innovative and practical improvements to the playing experience, and are offered with all models of grand and upright.

You can find out more about these unique actions by visiting WNG’s website and can view images of them in the gallery below.

WNG Carbon Fibre Actions