A New Way to Choose Your Dream Piano

A New Way to Choose Your Dream Piano

Phoenix Pianos are pleased to announce that they are to pioneer a new way of displaying their pianos, allowing the customer to choose their dream piano, with the exact finish and styling of their choosing.

Many of our advanced pianist clients realise (correctly) that every instrument has its own characteristics so they insist on playing and selecting the piano that meets their dreams before deciding to buy. In every other retail piano shop in the world, only finished instruments are displayed, so the discerning client is constrained to a particular style, finish and build detail once he has found the piano that sounds and feels right for him/her. Otherwise, the artist must have a bespoke piano built to his/her style requirements, specification and detail, but must accept the unpredicted variations that inevitably occur between different pianos of otherwise identical build specification. These variations reflect the fact that wood is a living material whose properties are not industrially definable, and that any craftsman made piano exhibits the particular skills of each individual craftsman.

As piano builders we are in a special position to be able display part finished pianos that are complete as far as being playable and which will sound and feel the same as when the case style , veneering or polyester work has been completed.

These part finished pianos will be displayed in bare wood without styling features such as legs, music desk, veneer wood or stain, french polish or polyester finish. When the client has chosen the “part-finished” piano that best meets his aspirations for sound and feel he can then instruct us how he would like it styled and finished it to his personal taste . Polyester finish can be satin, high polish or extra high polish, of any colour or hue. Veneers can be chosen from a huge portfoilio of over one hundred species of wood from exotic 2000 year old Huon pine to common oak or birch. Each can be stained to the client’s preference.

There is no extra cost for this new sales versatilty. The piano when finished will be priced exactly the same as if it had been completed to that style before display. Thus if someone wants a piano finished in a particular common or an exotic and rare wood veneer this will still cost from 8% to 18% more than the standard Phoenix finish which is black polyester with burl walnut trimming on the fall and music desk, and white maple on the under lid and inside the upper case. As at present, a case in “modern style” (rectangular leg section and plain music desk etc ) or “classical style” (octagonal section legs and fretwork desk etc ) will be the same price.

The fretwork desk can be designed to reflect the interests or family history of the client. Special logos can be provided and the case decorated with inlays or marquetry. There is also the option to complete the piano with recording and replay facility of ultimate performance on the A 170 size.

We will introduce this new sales presentation progressively. The first model offered in this form will be the Phoenix C 212.