3D Printed Actions

The Phoenix D3D Hammer System

Following months of intensive research and development, Phoenix have produced the D3D Hammer System, featuring the World’s first ever commercial 3-D printed action.

Offering a unsurpassed responsiveness, reliability, and interpretative possibilities to pianists, D3D will be installed in all Phoenix pianos from summer 2019, and is now available as a retrofit to other piano brands by request.

As with all of our technologies, the D3D Hammer System results from a desire to improve existing design concepts, firstly by analysing their intrinsic weaknesses. With traditional wooden hammer assemblies, the flaws are many, including a lack of material uniformity, susceptibility to changes in temperature and humidity, and material flexibility resulting in poor, chaotic hammer flight. Through our studies, and via the application of bespoke, ultra-high-performance materials, we now believe D3D to be the best-performin and most strikingly beautiful hammer assembly ever produced.

Our ultra-strong Carbon Fibre hammer shanks, bushless 3-D printed fork-and-blade assemblies, and bespoke premium Abel hammers offer the following advantages:

 *  Uniform high performance across the entire keyboard

 *  Predictable hammer flight, ensuring clean, musical string strikes, with hugely reduced chaotic effects in fortissimo playing

 *  A bushless 2mm roller hinge, offering mechanical stability, reliability, smoothness of rotation, climate resistance and longevity

 *  A choice of leather or substitute leather rollers

A professional pianist notes, “The sound is richer, and more powerful, yet can be much more nuanced, because it’s nore responsive to what you are asking the instrument to do. I actually felt like I had more powerful sound by doing far less.  The sound comes more organically from within, which is fantastic.”

Optionally, a humidity resistant WNG action or traditional wooden Renner action are available on all Phoenix models.