What are Phoenix Pianos?

Phoenix Pianos are the product of a British piano manufacturing company arising from cooperation between Steingraeber Klavierfabrik of Bayreuth and its appointed UK distributor/dealer, Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios of Sevenoaks.

Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios owns Phoenix Piano Systems Ltd, incorporated in 2010 to apply modern acoustic technology and other state-of-the-art science to piano design.    

Commercially established developments include:

(a) Lightweight climate resistant carbon fibre, and Kevlar soundboards,    

(b) Improved energy transfer from the strings to the soundboard by novel bridge design

(c) Application of 3D printing to piano action and other piano small part manufacture, and 

(d) Ultra high power computer stress and acoustic analysis of a complete grand piano  

Projects currently under study include:

(a) A high acoustic performance miniature upright piano

(b) A water-resistant keyboard able to operate normally in extreme climate conditions or after long periods of minimal use.  

(c) “Carbiano”, a lightweight grand piano made almost entirely from carbon fibre.  

(d) “The bridgeless piano” – an alternative configuration of piano strings and soundboard. 

For the future there are concepts in place, but not yet investigated for:

(a) A piano that never needs tuning

(b) A foot pedal to vary hardness and elasticity of the hammers

This German/British cooperation enables “Phoenix” pianos to be manufactured in Great Britain using acoustic body design and supply from Bayreuth, and also for “Steingraeber- Phoenix” pianos to be manufactured in Germany using new technology parts designed and supplied from   Sevenoaks. 

Both brands are identified by the characteristic Phoenix logo with three dolphins in its tail, which is the centuries old family crest of Richard Dain, the CEO of Phoenix Piano Systems.

The Queen selected a Phoenix piano to entertain guests at her reception for Foreign Royalty and Heads of State for the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.   

Phoenix Pianos exclusively equip London’s newest and most prestigious Fairfield Phoenix Hall  

Opening soon, Phoenix Pianos have been chosen for the new Fairfield Phoenix Music Academy in Croydon.  

A Phoenix piano was awarded premium 2008  “Bayerische Staatspreis” for all the arts.

Sustain and Power

Patented bridge technology creates up to twice the sustain length of a standard piano, and exceptional power across the entire register.

Low Friction Action

Exceptional keyboard and action feedback allows the average pianist the ability to play to an undreamt of standard.

Climate Resistance

Carbon Fibre soundboard and action are resistant to changes of humidity and temperature, even to extremes.

Bespoke Design

All pianos are finished to a client’s exact specification, from the choice of strings, down to the cabinet finish.