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Steingraeber 170 Grand, NEW – SOLD

This is a very fine example of Steingraeber’s smallest grand; it has a superb, rich tone, and is a delight to play and hear.

From the manufacturer:

“In terms of design, we can trace its roots back to 1905. We don’t think of our smallest grand piano as a ‘baby grand’, simply because it has received many “Best in its Class” awards that praise the sound as being much bigger than the instrument looks. In terms of construction, this phenomenal achievement lies in the unusually-wide shape of the A-170, which allows room for the use of very long bass strings.

The only top-rated salon grand piano, it transmits vibrational energy just like a concert grand. Because of its bass bridge design, (i.e., without apron and base), its sound is not thin and metallic (or ‘tinny’), as is typical of small grand pianos.

Furthermore the piano’s touch is professional, which is why you will find it on stages, and in music schools and opera houses with limited space. The fascinating Oslo Opera House is a prime example of its use and suitability.”

Phoenix 212 Grand, NEW – £51,950 ex VAT (Full price £57,000 ex VAT) SOLD


Sometimes, perhaps once in several hundred instruments, a piano is built that turns out to be an exceptionally beautiful instrument – a  “jewel in the crown”.  Amongst the factors that contribute to this are the timbers used, their quality, the miniscule variations in geometry and joint integrity, all of which – by good fortune – have combined favourably to produce a very special instrument. 

These variables are so diverse and individually insubstantial that no piano builder has ever been able to capture the detail of producing this magic on command. 

By using carbon firbre soundboards in place of timber – a variable living material – Phoenix tend to encounter less variability in the acoustic performance of their pianos, but occasionally obvious “jewels in the crown” still arise.   

This model 212 piano is a “Jewel in the Phoenix crown.”      

Steingraeber Phoenix 232 Grand, NEW – £29167 ex VAT

We have 3 Steingraeber Phoenix Model 232 grand pianos on offer.

Featuring our patented bridge agraffes in the bass and tenor registers, carbon fibre soundboard, carbon fibre bridge caps, and ultra high-tech D3D action, Model 232 is the second largest instrument in the Phoenix range, and can be considered a concert grand piano.

Not only an fine solo instrument, Model 232 is also ideal for accompaniment in chamber music recitals.

Anton Lyakhovsky playing Phoenix Model 232

Steingraeber 122 Upright, new – SOLD

New Steingraeber Model 122 upright. 

Steingraeber say, “Our 122 upright is a classic with an extraordinarily full sound. This is due to its special design which includes an additional, sympathetically-vibrating soundboard that delivers an extra ‘boost’ for attacks at forte level and above.”

With its SFM action, pianists can enjoy a keyboard interface that responds much like a grand piano’s, with fast repetition and superb control. 

A stunning upright to satisfy pianists seeking an ultimate quality instrument.

This instrument features “twist and change” front panels, revealing either exotic wood details on one side, or a plain black finish on the other.

Steingraeber-Phoenix 130 Upright, used but like new – £21,500 ex VAT (Full price £25,000 ex VAT)

Offered in like-new condition, this Steingraeber-Phoenix Model 130 is an opportunity to own an ultimate-performance piano. 

With its SFM action, climate-resistant carbon fibre soundboard, and patented Phoenix agraffe bridge system, pianists can enjoy a keyboard interface that responds much like a grand piano’s, with fast repetition and superb control.  The sound is rich and uniquely sustaining.  Comes with full warranty.

Oliver Poole demonstrating the Phoenix 130 upright

Steingraeber 138 Upright, very light use, almost like new – SOLD

Offered in almost like-new condition, this Steingraeber Model 138 is the largest of their upright range.  Although the footprint is similar to the smaller uprights, the extra height affords a scale design that produces a quality in the bass registers normally found in 6ft (180cm) grand pianos

With its SFM action, pianists can enjoy a keyboard interface that responds much like a grand piano’s, with fast repetition and superb control. 

A particularly magnificent example, with a beautiful, rich and satisfying tone.

Phoenix Model 170 Grand, ex-demonstration – £33,000 ex VAT (Full price £41,250 ex VAT)

Offered in excellent ex-demonstration condition, a chance to own a stunning Phoenix Model 170 for well below the usual price. 

With its climate-resistant carbon fibre soundboard, WNG action, patented Phoenix bridge agraffes in the lower registers, and special CNC carbon fibre bridge caps in the upper registers, this piano represents the pinnacle of modern piano engineering and innovation.

With the sound projection and tonal richness of a larger instrument, Phoenix Model 170 is a natural choice for those seeking a professional grand piano, but where space is limited.

Steinway Model O Grand Piano, immaculate used condition – £22,500 (was £25,000)

Offered in beautiful condition throughout, a Steinway Model O Piano, undoubtedly their best small grand.

The instrument is acoustically rich and sustaining, and will grace any home.

This is a private sale; proceeds will be used to rebuild a church.  Free mainland UK delivery is offered, as well as a first servicing / tuning.

Please enquire with us to come and see the piano.

Bluthner “Jubilee” Supreme Edition Model 6 Grand Piano, excellent used condition – £30,150 ex VAT (Was £33,500 ex VAT)

Offered in excellent condition, a beautiful modern Bluthner grand piano, serial number 151803.

The model is a Jubilee Exhibition model 6’3″, celebrating the original decorative iron framework, including ornate Julius Bluthner signature on the frame.

This instrument dates to c. 2008, and benefits from modifications made to the soundboard, the Aliquot stringing, enhanced Renner action for extra control, Ivorite modified keys, and ebony black keys.

The interior of the casework is Birdseye maple lined with rope trimming to give extra brightness to the instrument.  Jubilee models are usually an extra 15% on top of the list price and are a special order through the company only. 

Bluthner-Phoenix 190, fully restored – £15,750 ex VAT (Was £20,833 ex VAT)

A fully restrored Bluthner dating from 1902, serial number 41722.

This ruggedly designed Bluthner grand piano combines the elegance of its year with the benefit of contemporary technology, having been rebuilt with the inclusion of a climate-resistant carbon fibre soundboard, new carbon fibre/composite WNG action and patented Phoenix bridge aggraffes.

Steingraeber-Phoenix 272 Concert Grand “Stunning Blonde”, ex-demonstration – £93,500 ex VAT (Full Price £103,955 ex VAT). SOLD

One of a matched pair of “Stunning Blonde” Steingraeber-Phoenix flagship pianos in natural Santos rosewood, this instrument represents ultimate build quality, stunning looks, and superb acoustic performance.

This full-sized concert instrument also has the advantage of the unique hydraulically operated half blow feature combined with the una-corda pedal. This affords extremely accurate and safe playing at pianissimo with the resulting extended range of tonal colours. 

Very few grand pianos have the half-blow facility and this the only system which combines both the una-corda and half-blow in this way.

Anton Lyakhovsky demonstrating the Stunning Blonde Steingraeber-Phoenix 272

Bluthner-Phoenix Style X “Bluthner Rose Phoenix”, 7’6″/228cm, fully rebuilt with Phoenix technology – £35,000 (VAT not applicable).  SOLD

This beautiful Bluthner Style X semi-concert grand piano, nicknamed the “Bluthner Rose Phoenix”, has been fully restored and rebuilt with a Phoenix carbon fibre soundboard, Phoenix patented bridge agraffes, WNG action, Heller nickel-plated iron bass strings, and new Abel premium felt hammers.

It retains its timeless aesthetic grace whilst offering climate resistance, enhanced acoustic performance and durability.

We are selling this piano on behalf of a client; VAT is not applicable.