At 7 foot long, the C212 is our most popular model. Exceptional power and tonal quality across all registers makes this a piano perfect for recital or a private home.

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The use of ultimate quality materials combined with the technology from Hurstwood Farm piano Studios in association with the two centuries of experience and craftsmanship of Steingraeber Klaviermanufaktur, establish this piano amongst the top quality instruments available worldwide. The piano comprises  an Acoustic body  by Steingraeber (Case, Frame, Action box and Fitting of the carbon fibre sound board), Carbon fibre  Soundboard by Retrac of Swindon, Keyboard by August  Laukhuff, Hammers of Abel special premium felt developed for use with carbon fibre sound boards, and wound Bass strings in stainless steel or copper by EKA. Ltd or Heller of Germany.

The style can be “modern”, with square section legs and lyre pilasters, or “classical”, with octagonal section legs, classical lyre design and artistic fretwork desk.

Many artists consider that a seven foot piano affords the best balance between bass and treble sound.  The Phoenix C212 has excellent uniformity of sound and sound quality across the registers.



Length       212 cm
Height        102 cm
Width         155 cm
Weight       439 kg


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