Phoenix Bridge Technology

Our patented Phoenix agraffe bridge system brings a number of exciting benefits to pianos.

Firstly, it almost completely removes “downbearing” pressure from the soundboard, which can be up to 2/3 tonne from the strings of a conventional instrument. This allows the speaking part of the piano to resonate more freely.

Secondly, the continuous downbearing load on the soundboard of a traditional piano causes progressive collapse, with acoustic performance sometimes being lost in as few as 5 years. Phoenix agraffes dramatically increase the projected lifespan of any soundboard.

Thirdly, our system keeps the strings in straight alignment, and encourages them to stay in a vertical plane when vibrating. This significantly improves the piano’s sustain and brings more brilliance and power to the upper registers, with up to twice the sound with the same finger effort.

Aside from the direct benefits to a piano’s acoustic performance, the Phoenix bridge agraffe system has led the way to the development of thinner, lighter, more responsive soundboards, using our patented carbon fibre designs. See the gallery below for images of this ground-breaking system.

The Phoenix Agraffe

Phoenix bridge agraffes