The B192 is 6 foot 3 inches long. Very long bass strings on a similar scale to those of a chamber music grand are conducive to its wide range of sound. This piano transfers private homes into a concert salon; the B192 is also well suited to discerning professionals and for use in music conservatories.

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The B192 is the most recent size introduced to fill a market for both  academic  and domestic pianos.  The client with limited space who aspires to a deep resonant bass sound may find this model the perfect solution for his needs.  He would not find a piano better fitted for purpose anywhere.  

The model B192  piano also serves well as a recital instrument for a small venue where quality is paramount.

The build and design exemplifies all that is excellent in Steingraeber pianos and their derivative Phoenix pianos.


Length       193cm
Height        103cm
Width         154cm
Weight       320kg


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