Bespoke Design

All models of Phoenix Pianos can be customised in any way the client seeks, from wood finish right down to adding your own signature to the casework.

These are just some of the options you can choose from to make Phoenix your own bespoke instrument:

The under lid and inside case are veneered with hard, sound reflective maple to enhance the acoustics of the instrument.

The fall (key lid), music desk and lyre (pedals) come in top quality burl walnut as standard. However, you may request any of 100 wood finishes (please see the bottom of the page for more information). We also offer to complete the piano finish using wood veneer taken from trees on your own property.

Elephant ivory is rightly no longer available for pianos but we can offer mammoth tusk ivory as an option on all Phoenix pianos. The finger grip and security of ivory is achieved. The standard key top is ivorine or ceramic.

Half-blow facility available for better control of quiet playing or for accompaniment.

Special styling, marquetry, family crests, or any decoration that you wish can be added.

There is no extra charge for the following options:

• WNG carbon fibre action or Renner wooden action

• Cold nickel plated iron or copper bass string winding, plain gauge strings with special protective nickel coating

• Solid or fretwork music desk

• Burl walnut or other wood fall (key lid) fascia

Although Phoenix Pianos come with carbon fibre soundboards, a thin, wood soundboard is available on request.

Please click on the “Wood Finishes PDF” link below to download a PDF file to view a selection of the 100 available wood finishes from our associates Steingraeber Klavierfabrik.

Wood Finishes PDF