Although the smallest of the range of grand pianos at 5 foot 8 inch (170 cm) has amazing sound, especially in the bass that is beyond the previously assumed performance for any small instrument.

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The use of our special bridge technology, and a carbon fibre soundboard approximately 1.25mm thick, faced with white maple veneer, gives this small piano a performance such that a professional artist once remarked “If you shut your eyes it is difficult to remember you are not playing a nine foot concert grand.”

The Wessel Nickel and Gross action with bushes which are unaffected by humidity, results in a consistently low friction system which enables the artist to play the instrument with less finger effort and in consequence, more accuracy.  Performance at low volume is exceptionally controllable.

The use of ultimate quality materials combined with the advanced technology of Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios in association with the one and a half centuries of experience and craftsmanship of Steingraeber Klaviermanufaktur, establish this piano amongst the top quality instruments available worldwide. The piano comprises an Acoustic body by Steingraeber (Case, Frame, Action box and Fitting of the HWFPS designed carbon fibre sound board), carbon fibre Soundboard by Retrac Composites of Swindon, Keyboard by August Laukhuff, Hammers of special premium felt by Abel, developed for use with carbon fibre sound boards, and wound Bass strings in stainless steel or copper by EKA Ltd of Oxford or Heller of Germany.


Length       170 cm
Height        102 cm
Width         153 cm
Weight       310 kg


The Phoenix A170

Anton's Chopin Ballade performance on Phoenix A170

A170 Gallery